Have you ever aspired to climb mount Everest, but aren’t too keen on heights? Ever wanted to brave the waters of the English Channel, but are put off by the cold? Does the thought of running in the Sahara sound intriguing, but doing it through a heat wave does not?

Then why not put yourself to the test, on your own terms, by completing one or more of our challenges, and fundraise for the Opwall Trust along the way?


By climbing 1,767 standard flights of stairs, you will have successfully reached Everest Base Camp at an altitude of 5300m (based on climbing 5 stairs per 1m ascent)!


By swimming 675 lengths of an Olympic sized 50m swimming pool, you will have successfully swum the English Channel distance of 21 miles!


By completing 50 sessions running 5km each, you will have successfully ran the Marathon des Sables distance of 250km!
Alternatively you can directly support the OpWall Trust to promote global biodiversity conservation by making a donation. For more information contact us and we will reply to your queries.