Georgios-Ioannis Tsianos

Georgios, alongside his medical and scientific work, is an athlete with a serious underlined interest in exploring the physical and psychological limits of the human body and mind. His long standing passion for environmental conservation stems from his own constant involvement and presence within nature in his diverse roles as medic, scientist and adventurer.

Andreas Flouris

Andreas is an Assistant Professor in Human Physiology at the University of Thessaly and an Adjunct Professor in Environmental Medicine at the University of Ottawa. He studies the mechanisms through which the human body adapts to extreme environmental stressors. He has published widely on this topic and he is a Consultant for different international organisations including the United Nations, World Health Organization, European Commission, NASA, and the European Space Agency. He is Georgios’ scientific and research advisor, aiming to utilize data collected during his sporting challenges to improve future practices and guidelines related to health and performance in extreme environments. Andreas will be joining Georgios in the Sahara in a scientific capacity.

Craig Barton

Craig is an elite trainer with an extensive list of credentials in the field of body composition and nutrition. He is Georgios' strengthening trainer and nutritional advisor.

Darren Barnes-Heath

Darren is a chiropractor with close to 20 years of clinical experience. His collaboration with Georgios is focused on lower limb biomechanics thereby ensuring proper running techniques and injury prevention.

Aggelos Pappas

Aggelos Pappas is a physiotherapist and specialises in injury prevention and intervention. He owns and runs his own rehabilitation centre in Trikala, Greece, and has participated as a physiotherapist in 2 Olympic Games. Aggelos lectures in the department of Physical Education at the University of Thessaly, Greece and at the Department of Physiotherapy in Lamia, Greece. Aggelos has long collaborated with Georgios during his athletic challenges in advising him and managing his injuries.

Vasilis Poulios

Vasilis is a Sport Management economist with experience in marketing, events, business development and sponsorship acquisition. Amongst his numerous professional roles he is responsible for the planning, implementation and business affairs of some of the largest events in the motorcycle industry. Vasilis has been working closely with Georgios in promoting the Ice Water Fire project and increasing public awareness for the Opwall Trust.

Becky Welbourn

Becky is Georgios' Massage Therapist; she is a trained Occupational Therapist, and is currently in the process of obtaining her Masseur credentials.

Dan Exton

Dan is a marine biologist and conservationist who manages several projects for the Opwall Trust. He specialises in the ecology and functioning of coral reef ecosystems, addressing some of the key challenges for the future success of these vital systems.

Rachel Daniels

Rachel is a professional fundraiser with a background in ecology and conservation, and works closely with the Opwall Trust. She manages the Ice Water Fire project on behalf of the Opwall Trust.

Dan Ward

Dan has a background in zoology and fundraising, and will be managing the social media aspects of the Ice Water Fire project.